Rinnai create selection tool for water heaters

‘Help me choose’ web facility aimed at healthcare sector in particular

Rinnai is offering an online selection to help specifiers select the right water heaters for their project.

It said the ‘Help me choose’ facility was particularly suitable for healthcare facilities such as hospitals of any size, care homes, GP surgeries, day centres and health centres.

Rinnai said that a significant operational expenditure advantages, reduced energy costs and carbon reductions can be made by switching to a continuous flow hot water system.

It said Rinnai that ‘now’ was the ideal time to replace old, inefficient stored water systems, which may be causing emergency breakdowns.

Rinnai said hot water is proven to be temperature controlled and accurate. It said the feature acts as a thermal disinfectant to
any laundry carried out in care homes or healthcare sites.

Provided there is a constant supply of gas and water Rinnai said hot water heating units are guaranteed to supply temperature accurate hot water in unlimited quantities for all hygiene regimes in all types of sites.

Rinnai is offering free surveys and a cost comparison report customised to any site needing to update and improve their hot water delivery unit or system. It said the reports need basic data from the site – plantroom, current hot water delivery system, demand, number of outlets, peak usage, required temperature of the hot water.

A comprehensive analysis is produced based on the physical and carbon footprint. Life cycle costs are also calculated based on  capital expenditure, operation costs, and savings.

Rinnai has geared its entire operation to assist healthcare sites in meeting the challenges of the Covid-19 situation. It is offering 24/7 technical support and 24/7 product and spares availability.

The company manufacturers over 2 million water heaters. Its range of hot water heating units are available for next day delivery on orders placed before midday the day before.

Rinnai is offering full services for essential works support to NHS facilities and care homes during the lockdown.

  • The ‘Help me choose’ tool is available at  Call 01928 531870