Daikin’s VRV 5 air-conditioning system leading the charge in sustainable technologies

Sustainable, versatile and reliable

Innovative strides are continuously being made in the development of light-commercial and residential air conditioning technology, to improve the sustainability, reliability and performance properties. One such product leading the charge is Daikin’s VRV 5 system.

For building services professionals, using sustainable technology is crucial for meeting increasingly strict environmental targets. Daikin’s VRV 5 system has been specifically developed to use R-32 refrigerant – which has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) that is 71% lower on a system level than alternative sources.

The VRV 5 makes use of Daikin’s innovative Shîrudo Technology, which offers best-in-class design versatility. The system encompasses a complete package of advanced developments, all standard, integrated and configured. Shîrudo Technology allows for complete installation flexibility, providing the ability to install the system into rooms as small as 10m², without the need for additional design considerations.

Furthermore, Shîrudo Technology offers exceptional protection in the unlikely event of a leak. Should this occur, the built-in sensor will activate an alarm integrated into the system’s Madoka controller. The culmination of this technology and other protective functions has granted the VRV 5 system full compliance with the necessary legal requirements under IEC60335-2-40 (Ed.6).

Having been developed to deliver remarkable environmental performance as well as unrivaled installation versatility and integrated leak detection, Daikin’s VRV 5 system takes full advantage of today’s most innovative air conditioning technology. With straight out of the box sustainability, reliability and performance properties assured, it is hard to look past the VRV 5 system for residential and light-commercial use.

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