Carrier ChillerVu Plant System Manager gives high-level automated control

Solution connects to building’s BMS and provides it with real-time operating conditions

Carrier’s ChillerVu Plant System Manager (PSM), employed at 22 Bishopsgate, is a BACnet control solution with an onboard library of factory-engineered control programmes designed to provide automatic control and monitoring of the most common chiller plant configurations.

It connects with the overarching building management system (BMS) to give high-level oversight of cooling for the entire building, management and control of the chilled-water system pumps,
water-quality control, and demand limiting and load shedding when the building is running on generator power.

The PSM also provides the BMS with realtime operating conditions, including chilled and condenser water temperatures, chiller capacities, and their status.

The chillers at 22 Bishopsgate, located in basement plantrooms, are connected to evaporative cooling towers on level 58.

A pressure break at level 25 effectively creates a lower and upper system, requiring careful balancing at the commissioning stage to optimise flowrates and ensure excellent performance, while minimising energy use.

The control system and chillers were manufactured at Carrier’s operation in Montluel, France. Because of their high capacity and size, one of the centrifugal units had to be shipped to the US to carry out the customer witness tests at Carrier’s facility in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Following successful completion of the tests, Carrier managed the supply logistics to ensure the control system and chillers were ready for installation at key points in the project build.

Equipment was shipped to the UK and stored securely before delivery to site for installation and commissioning.

James Snowball, project manager with installer Michael J Lonsdale, said: ‘Carrier provided outstanding support throughout all stages of the project, ensuring we had the technical information we needed, as well as timely backup and logistical support to ensure we delivered for the client.’

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