Scalding cases on the rise

CIPHE highlights significant climb in NHS figures

Credit iStock: ChristinLola

The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) has warned that the number of contact burns from heating appliances has risen by 25%, and scalding incidents from taps is up by 9%.

It has renewed its call for the government to make the use of thermostatic radiator valves compulsory in all homes.

The latest figures from NHS Digital Hospital Episode Statistics for England revealed that there were 999 admissions for burn injuries caused by contact with heating appliances, radiators and pipes in 2019/20, compared with 797 in the previous 12 months. Children under the age of 14 accounted for 28% of incidents and people over 70 made up 36%. Hospital admissions for scald injuries from taps was up from 635 to 693 cases.

CIPHE chief executive Kevin Wellman said the problem was being exacerbated by people spending more time at home because of the Covid-19 crisis.