Regulator issues boiler warning

Fire risk warning released for Ideal Heating boiler range

The new products regulator established by the Building Safety Act has issued a warning regarding a fire risk in an Ideal Heating boiler range. The Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) said there was a risk of fire in the Ideal Heating Logic 2 Combi & System Boiler Range (2401-0138).

The enforcement action is a demonstration of the role of the new National Regulator for Construction Products, which was set up within the OPSS by the Building Safety Act. The OPSS said there had been three incidents of boilers that have been able to continue to operate when the boiler heat exchanger has been full of air at a low pressure. This generated significant heat, causing the plastic components to ‘flash to flame’, said the OPSS (

Ideal Heating has launched a modification programme, and will send engineers to affected boilers. It has said boilers can still be used, but they should be repressurised to 1.5 bar.