Octopus Energy to offer solar panels in Zero Bills tariff

Customers guaranteed zero bills if they meet technical requirements

Octopus Energy has announced plans to extend its Zero Bills tariff by offering solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to customers.

The tariff offers a guarantee that no energy bills will be paid for five years if specific technical requirements are met, along with the use of smart controls and low carbon systems. The energy supplier will initially roll out the model in new-build properties.

It will be trialled in 22 properties in Essex by Ilke Homes, on what the housebuilder claims is the UK’s biggest zero carbon development. Octopus announced on 11 January that it will also be extending the Zero Bills tariff to existing homes as well. The company’s energy service arm has set a target to install 5,000 PVs this year.

The initial focus of installation will be in the Midlands and the south of England, with a view to rolling out the programme nationwide before the end of the first year. The company will offer the PVs alongside heat pumps and batteries, which will enable customers to export any surplus electricity generated to the Grid.

Octopus hopes that 10,000 homes could be eligible for the Zero Bills tariff by 2030. John Szymik, chief executive officer of Octopus Energy Services, said: ‘Given the success we have had in scaling and installing huge swathes of smart, green home-energy tech, we are champing at the bit to begin installing the last piece of the puzzle: solar photovoltaic. ‘If more homes in the UK produce clean, green solar energy, we will be able to accelerate the energy transition and bring down system prices for everybody by lowering system costs.’