From delivering net zero in the desert, to whole life carbon for facades – CIBSE Journal highlights essential work of engineers as leaders gather at COP28

As COP28 continues CIBSE Journal looks back at CIBSE Journal articles highlighting the essential work of our industry

As CIBSE President and CEO continue their visit to COP28 in Dubai, CIBSE Journal revisits the interview with Farah Naz past chair of CIBSE UAE Region, on how the Region is helping deliver net zero projects in the desert climate, and looks back at other CIBSE Journal articles highlighting the essential work of our industry in rising to the challenges of climate change:

The UAE has a fast-paced, dynamic working environment, with some of the most ambitious building projects on Earth. Alex Smith speaks to regional chair Farah Naz FCIBSE about how CIBSE UAE Region is helping to deliver net zero projects in the desert climate Global attraction: delivering net zero in the desert climate – CIBSE Journal

Calculating embodied energy in lighting equipment can now be done more accurately thanks to the new CIBSE TM65.2 guide, which, say co-authors Kristina Allison and Irene Mazzei, is targeted at manufacturers and lighting designers to lower whole life carbon TM65.2: shining a light on embodied energy – CIBSE Journal

By applying the CWCT embodied carbon calculation methodology to a Croydon office, Patrick Ryan Associates estimated whether selecting a new high-performing façade is better for reducing whole life carbon than retaining elements of the original. Anri Doda and Jill Wang explain Clear decisions: whole life carbon for façades – CIBSE Journal

Eight industry experts came together to discuss the challenges of decarbonising heating in CIBSE Journal’s latest roundtable. Amanda Birch sums up the main points of debate Taking the heat out of decarbonisation: insights from CIBSE’s roundtable – CIBSE Journal

The integration of minewater into smart cooling and heat networks offers a sustainable energy solution. LSBU researcher Eshagh Goudarzi provides an overview of how abandoned mines can play a crucial role in the transition to net zero Digging deep for heat: connecting abandoned mines to district energy networks – CIBSE Journal

Passivhaus accommodation for Cambridge University students at Cranmer Road won a CIBSE Building Performance Award thanks to an elegant, but simple, all-electric services design by Max Fordham that delivered high-performing buildings with occupant comfort at its heart Graduating with honours: Cambridge University’s Passivhaus student housing – CIBSE Journal

With Dublin planners now requiring that building re-use is considered over demolition, innovative office retrofits will soon become the norm. Andy Pearson looks at two: Tom Johnson House and the Tropical Fruit Warehouse Boxing clever: retrofits in Ireland – CIBSE Journal

The installation of a new heat network at Comberton Village College is set to significantly reduce the heating bill and save 248 tonnes of CO2. Andy Pearson speaks to Bouygues Energies & Services about how two 500kW ground source heat pumps replaced oil-fired boilers scattered across 16 plantrooms Case study: Comberton Village College heat network – CIBSE Journal

With a new development at 100 Gray’s Inn Road, in central London, set to become the UK’s largest full-timber, net zero carbon office building, Phil Lattimore finds out how the building’s whole life-cycle carbon impact has been assessed The big picture: embodied energy at 100 Gray’s Inn Road – CIBSE Journal

A project that uses waste heat from a mini data centre to warm a public swimming pool in Devon hit the headlines last month. Molly Tooher-Rudd talks to the company behind the technology and hears about its ambitious plans to deploy ‘digital boilers’ in every sector Making a splash: recovering heat from mini data centres for leisure centres – CIBSE Journal

Cundall has created new premises for Beormund Primary School that not only meet net zero aspirations, but also cater for the social, emotional and mental health needs of the school’s pupils. Andy Pearson reports Designing net zero for pupil wellbeing – CIBSE Journal

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