CIBSE publishes Covid-19 air cleaning technology guidance

CIBSE’s Covid-19 guidance on ventilation also updated

New guidance from CIBSE: Covid-19: Ventilation and Covid 19: Air cleaning technologies

New guidance on air cleaning technologies has been published by CIBSE.

Covid-19: air cleaning technologies allows users to assess the variety of air cleaning devices currently marketed for the removal of SARS-CoV-2, and to discover which, if any, will reduce transmission risk in a given space effectively.

The guidance, available at, says scientific evidence suggests air cleaners could be part of the solution to minimising risks in certain situations, but are not a solution that reduces all risks. ‘The primary building systems measure to reduce far field (>2m) airborne spread indoors is increased ventilation,’ it states.

The document also includes a Relative Exposure Risk Calculator, an Excel tool that lets users assess relative risk of exposure to Covid-19 in a given space by changing values for dimensions, number of occupants, breathing rate, respiratory activity occupation time and ventilation provision.

CIBSE has updated its Covid-19: ventilation guidance, addressing the use of CO2 monitors and the change in government restrictions.