CBI backs hybrid and hydrogen heating

National industry group supports heat pumps and district heating to protect the planet and boost economy

All new domestic boiler installations should be part of a hybrid system or ‘hydrogen ready’ after 2025, according to a new report from the CBI.

Net zero: the road to low carbon heat was jointly produced with the University of Birmingham. It says the government should mandate a phased switch from natural gas boilers to other solutions, such as heat pumps and hydrogen technologies, including heat networks. By 2035, all new heating installations should be low-carbon, in line with the government’s net-zero carbon policy, says the CBI.

The report wants new oil-fired boilers to be abolished by 2023 and increased funding for heat networks. All new energy-from waste plants and waste heat-producing industries should also have to feed their waste heat into heat networks, where location permits.

CBI President Lord Bilimoria said: ‘Aside from the moral imperative, there’s a strong economic case for protecting our planet. Large-scale heat decarbonisation and energy efficiency would provide a huge jobs boost for the economy, at a time when new career opportunities are needed more than ever.’