BSI to fast track IEQ standard

Standards body moves on indoor guidelines

The British Standards Institute (BSI) is to speed up the development of a new standard for measuring indoor environmental quality (IEQ).

Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 3003 was championed by engineering firm EFT Consult, which has been working on it for six years. The BSI has now decided to accelerate that work into a full British Standard – BS 40101 Building Performance Evaluation – which is due to be published this year. It will closely follow the work EFT Consult and its partners have already completed in the development of PAS 3003, incorporating areas such as efficient and suitable lighting, heating, ventilation, and minimising the unwanted and harmful effects of air and noise pollution.

A PAS is a recommended code of best practice, but fast tracking this work to full British Standard status means the document will be able to direct how design, installation, operation, maintenance, and ongoing monitoring, measuring and reporting should be carried out.

It will also determine benchmarking parameters to develop a Wellbeing Performance Rating that could be applied to any building, according to EFT.