Schools and hospitals missing millions in energy savings

More than 140,000 tonnes of carbon could be saved annually, according to EDF

NHS sign and car park

Credit: iStock – GeorgeClerk

Energy-efficient lighting and better heat-management strategies could cut more than £45m from the energy bills of schools, hospitals, hotels, offices and police stations, according to new research by EDF Energy.

The firm claimed the average UK organisation could achieve annual energy savings of more than £46,000. Measures include LEDs and heat-management systems that ensure heating is turned off when a building is unoccupied.

EDF Energy analysed consumption at more than 4,000 sites and found that 62% could generate cost savings through lighting improvements, while 61% could improve the heating schedule using occupancy sensors.

‘Our data covers a relatively small proportion of the UK’s businesses and public sector organisations – imagine what the impact would be if all such organisations made even the simplest of changes,’ said EDF Energy’s director of energy solutions Vincent de Rul.

EDF also calculated that emissions reduction of more than 147,671 tonnes of CO2 could be achieved annually from the same ‘simple measures’. On average, it said organisations could make annual savings of £10,800 per site by installing efficient lighting. This would also reduce their carbon emissions by 24 tonnes per site, per year.