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Module 233: Variable geometry chilled beams for efficient variable air…

This module explores the opportunities offered by the new generation of VAV beams

May 2024

Module 234: Decarbonising commercial buildings through life-cycle asset management

This module explores the drivers that have expanded industry expertise around life-cycle asset management, and how a more…

May 2024

Powering Safety: Uninterruptible Power Systems for Life Safety in Buildings

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems are emerging as the key backup power source for critical building systems. This…

May 2024

Understanding MVHR for residential buildings

This webinar considers the need for ventilation in homes and why mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) can…

April 2024

Module 232: Assessing the realistic performance of new homes and…

This module explores the benefits of a properly matched energy system for residential applications

April 2024

Decarbonisation of large commercial buildings in the UK

Webinar discussing the legislation and initiatives that are driving changes in the way we will need to heat,…

March 2024
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