UKAS approves CIBSE Certification for ISO 9001

Accreditation enhances ability to offer certification of integrated management systems

UKAS approves CIBSE Certification for ISO 9001

The new accreditation is 'an exciting development' for CIBSE Certification

CIBSE Certification has been accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to certify quality management systems (QMS) against the international standard ISO 9001.

The standard is an internationally recognised quality framework to provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. This latest UKAS recognitionenhances the existing accreditation to certify energy management systems to ISO 50001.

Running an ISO 9001-certified QMSdemonstrates a business’s commitmentto meeting the needs of its customers andprioritising their satisfaction. It also guaranteesa streamlined and efficient quality-assurance procedure that maximises success, while keepingcosts as low as possible. The standard opensnew business opportunities for clients looking for assurance over quality, and fulfills requirements for some tenders, particularly in the public sector.

Dr Andrew Geens, head of CIBSE Certification,said: ‘This is an exciting development, whichextends our ability to offer certification of integrated management systems covering quality and energy. I hope the building services community will support this initiative by using us for their ISO 9001 certification and for their clients’ ISO 50001 certification. CIBSE Certification is towards accreditation for ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 to expand further the scope of our management systems certification service.’

Any organisation that has implemented the requirements of the standard, and operated the system for six months, can apply to CIBSE Certification for ISO 9001 certification. By doing this, they can benefit from CIBSE Certification’s reputation as a UKAS-accredited body, as well as from its industry-leading knowledge of the built environment sector. Organisations that already have a UKAS-accredited ISO 9001 certificate can transfer to CIBSE Certification very easily.

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