Technical research recognised with awards

Last awarded in 1999, the Dufton and Barker medals have been reinstated

Four technical papers covering a diverse range of issues of industry-wide interest have been recognised with awards by CIBSE.

The papers – covering energy and indoor environmental quality in schools; Passivhaus in tropical climates; daylight and overheating in low-energy design; and the effect of boiler oversizing on efficiency – were published in 2020 in CIBSE’s Building Services Research and Technical Journal (BSER&T).

Joining the Napier Shaw and Carter Bronze Medal awards for technical papers are the newly reinstated Dufton Medal and Barker Medal – last awarded in 1999 – to allow more high-quality papers to be recognised.

The Dufton Silver and Napier Shaw Bronze Medals are awarded for papers relating to fundamental research. The Barker Silver and Carter Bronze Medals are awarded to papers on application of research in practice.

The Dufton Silver Medal for 2021 goes to Balancing daylight and overheating in low energy design using CIBSE improved weather files by Eleonora Brembilla, Christina J Hopfe, John Mardaljevic, Anastasia Mylona and Eirini Mantesi. This considers the requirements to balance the light available in a space so as to reduce overheating risk, using the CIBSE weather files.

The Napier Shaw Bronze Medal is awarded to Roy Candra Sigalingging, David Chow and Steve Sharples for Applying the Passivhaus standard to a terraced house in a hot and humid tropical climate: Evaluation of comfort and energy performance, which considers how the Passivhaus approach can be adapted and adopted to this climate.

The Barker Silver Medal is awarded to Building performance evaluation: Balancing energy and indoor environmental quality in a UK school building by Nishesh Jain, Esfand Burman, Craig Robertson, Samuel Stamp, Clive Shrubsole, Francesco Aletta, Edward Barrett, Tin Oberman, Jian Kang, Peter Raynham, D Mumovic and Mike Davies. It has been cited in 10 papers – one of the highest levels of citation in BSER&T.

The Carter Bronze Medal goes to George Bennett and Cliff Elwell for Effect of boiler oversizing on efficiency: a dynamic simulation study. It looks at the impact of a traditional tendency to oversize boilers on the efficiency in everyday conditions, which has an impact on comfort and energy use.

The awards will be presented at the CIBSE President’s Awards dinner in February.

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