SLL signs up to night lighting manifesto

Manifesto keen to support principles of UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Society of Light and Lighting has signed the Responsible Outdoor Lighting at Night Manifesto (ROLAN) for Lighting Professionals.

Other founding partners include: the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD); International Dark-Sky Association (IDA); Illuminating Engineering Society (IES); illume; Institution of Lighting Professionals; and the Lighting Industry Association (LIA).

Because the UN Sustainable Development Goals do not explicitly refer to external illumination and its multiple impacts, the Founding Partners of the ROLAN movement, are keen to address this in support of the SDG Goals.

By following the principles outlined in the ROLAN manifesto, governments, businesses, and individuals can support the implementation of the SDG.

Read the ROLAN Manifesto at Rolan Manifesto