SLL LightBytes series goes online for weekly sessions in April

2021 series titled: Minimum energy, minimum resource, maximum comfort

The new Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) LightBytes series has been announced, and will take place online for 2021. Titled ‘Minimum energy, minimum resource, maximum comfort’, this year’s series will run over four, weekly sessions from 7 to 28 April.

Session one, focusing on minimum energy, will explore reducing energy use, understanding the space, and using surface reflectance. It will also look at employing design and lighting controls to maintain quality.

Session two – minimum resource – will look at the European lighting project to develop reusable and reconfigurable parts for sustainable LED-based light systems; nano-optics; and cradle-to-cradle certification.

Session three – maximum comfort – will explore what is meant by good lighting, with reference to WELL standards and practical guidance on meeting those requirements.

The final session, will be a roundtable on the circular economy, chaired by SLL president Bob Bohannon, with guest speakers Emilio Hernandez, lighting designer and chair of the GreenLight Alliance, and Mark Ridler, head of lighting at BDP.

Speakers for this year’s sessions, from the supporting companies, are: Steve Shackleton, lighting applications manager, Fagerhult UK; Helen Loomes, Innovation Akademie, Trilux Group; and Tim Bowes, head of lighting application, Whitecroft lighting.