Nominations for officers, board and council

New candidates to take office at AGM in May

CIBSE Journal June 2019 President Lynne Jack

President elect Kevin Kelly (far right)

New CIBSE officers, board members and council members take office each year from the AGM in May. Officers and board members serve on the board, the Institution’s governing body, which comprises seven officers (President, president elect, three vice-presidents, honorary treasurer and immediate past president) and five board members.

All candidates for officer and board member vacancies arising at the AGM must be considered by the Institution’s nominations panel, to which all sections of CIBSE are invited to suggest  candidates for consideration.

The panel seeks to reflect Charity Commission guidance by nominating a range of candidates with the skills and experience to fulfil the board’s role as the governing body of a significant registered charity. It also seeks to ensure a balance of representation from different sectors of the industry.

Having considered the advice of the panel, the board nominates candidates for president elect and board member vacancies. Any eligible candidates proposed by the nominations panel but not by the board may also put their names forward for election; on this occasion, however, there were no such candidates.

The board’s candidates will, therefore, be declared elected at the AGM in May 2020 as follows:
President elect: Kevin Kelly CEng FCIBSE FSLL
Members of the board: Vince Arnold CEng FCIBSE, David Cooper CEng FCIBSE

The board also appoints three vice-presidents and the honorary treasurer, normally from those who serve or have served on the board.

All those below are current officers or board members. The board’s appointments to take office in these roles from May 2020 are:
Vice-presidents: Ashley Bateson CEng FCIBSE, Susan Hone-Brookes CEng FCIBSE, Kevin Mitchell CEng FCIBSE
Honorary treasurer: Adrian Catchpole CEng FCIBSE

The council is a larger consultative body that advises the board on Institution policy. It includes representatives of Regions, Societies, Groups, Networks and Standing Committees, and elected members who serve a three-year term.

The board has agreed to operate a similar procedure for election as that for board members, and two corporate and one non-corporate positions are available for election each year.

The board nominated the following individuals. There were no candidates suggested by the panel but not nominated by the board, so the following will be declared elected in May 2020:
Members of council: Scott Mason (Non-corporate), Mike Smith CEng Hon FCIBSE (Corporate), Becci Taylor CEng FCIBSE (Corporate)