Light Night Leeds: SLL illuminates city landmark

Leeds Minster lit up by SLL’s Light Night

In association with Light Night Leeds 23, members of the Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) illuminated Leeds Minster in the style of Pockets of Light on 12 and 13 October.

Lighting design workshops were delivered to pupils at Alder Tree Primary, Leeds, and students at Leeds West Academy over the summer. Participants created sketches of their designs on the themes of cultural diversity, religion, music, and the environment.

From these submissions, five were selected to light up Leeds Minster.

During the two evenings of the event, the display attracted more than 6,000 people, delighting the volunteers and the team at Leeds Minster.

CIBSE extends a thank you to all the volunteers who supported this event and to all the companies that donated equipment.

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