New SLL President calls for increased diversity

Dr Ruth Kelly Waskett pledges to continue the work of former SLL president Liz Peck

Dr Ruth Kelly Waskett has been appointed as the new President of the Society of Light and Lighting (SLL), taking up her role at the SLL AGM in May.

In her Presidential address, Kelly Waskett acknowledged that, while the SLL looked forward to Covid-19 restrictions being lifted, the increase in virtual Society events has made them more accessible to members and the lighting community globally. She said the SLL intended to build on this increased reach by continuing to host online events.

Acknowledging the importance of daylight in the Society’s work, she said: ‘One of the key roles that SLL has is to ensure that the importance of daylight in buildings is kept high on the agenda of any design guidance in the built environment.

‘The SLL is in a unique position to be able to talk about daylight and artificial light, as part of the same continuum.’

Kelly Waskett said she wanted to continue the legacy left by previous SLL president Liz Peck, who died in 2020, with a focus on increasing the diversity of SLL membership.

The SLL must increase its visibility to connect with all who work in lighting, said Kelly Waskett. Taking a lead from the Women in Lighting project, she added that the Society would work towards ensuring a 50/50 gender split for speakers at SLL events.

The team behind the Women in Lighting project will be publishing a selection of interviews and videos from women within the SLL.

Along with improving inclusivity, diversity, and representation for the SLL, Kelly Waskett highlighted the Society’s responsibility in spreading the message about light and health.

She concluded with a rallying call for unity. ‘Let’s go forward together in hope of a brighter year ahead,’ she said