Mission Earth: CIBSE’s Vision, Mission and Values

CIBSE’s new Vision, Mission and Values statements recognise members’ work in tackling the climate emergency and delivering safe, comfortable and sustainable buildings for future generations.

Credit: iStock.com – MarcelC 

To support and champion our members as they face the increasing challenges as a result of our changing climate, we have published new statements covering CIBSE’s Vision, Mission and Values. These highlight the expertise, knowledge and passion that CIBSE’s members bring to improving the performance, safety, health and sustainability of the built environment.

We feel it is more important than ever to shout loudly about the work that CIBSE’s incredibly talented members are doing in relation to climate change. ‘We lead, we empower, we champion, we inspire’ are the values that drive and motivate our staff and membership.

We sought input from our Young Engineers Network, which made it clear that they wanted CIBSE to have a stronger voice, and to be more outspoken in communicating its achievements and knowledge.

Through these new values, CIBSE supports, nurtures and champions its members, while raising the profile of its knowledge pool and skills. The Institution believes that the passion with which it works to improve buildings for all is now better reflected through these values.

We lead
CIBSE is leading the conversation on equipping the built environment for a changing climate.

Building services are key to keeping building users as safe and comfortable as possible, promoting occupant health and wellbeing, minimising impact on the environment during construction and in use, and driving improved performance and productivity.

CIBSE promotes improvement in the performance of buildings to the benefit of users, developers and owners; we are informed by the expertise that members deploy on a day-to-day basis.

Our involvement in government-level discussions and consultations makes us a strong champion for better standards and enforcement, driving buildings that are safe and fit for purpose.

We empower
CIBSE empowers its members and wider building community through the sharing and dissemination of knowledge and training. We enable people to access the skills and knowledge they require to fulfil their potential and serve society.

Knowledge sharing is one of CIBSE’s primary roles in the sector. Working with the industry and its clients, CIBSE serves wider society by developing and publishing internationally recognised guidance and codes.

The knowledge provides authoritative guidance for the design, installation and operation, and maintenance of engineering services in buildings. It enables engineers to keep up to date with best practice in technology and standards, and supports the implementation of policies to improve safety, comfort and productivity of buildings, and to reduce their carbon emissions.

In an industry in which technology is increasingly complex and ever evolving, CIBSE enables building services engineers to keep abreast ofthe changes, and empowers them to deliver the best outcomes for clients and end users.

By improving their skills and knowledge, they can help everyone live and work in safer, healthier and more comfortable spaces.

CIBSE promotes improvement in the performance of buildings to the benefit of users, developers and owners; we are informed by the expertise that members deploy on a day-to-day basis

We champion
CIBSE supports and champions the diversity, breadth and strength of its membership. Membership acknowledges and accredits expertise so those who are competent can be recognised widely and reliably.

We celebrate the skills and experience of our members, raising their profile and giving prominence to the best engineers who value good
building performance.

Members generate knowledge in a variety of specialisms for industry and public benefit across many areas of the world. The diversity of the Institution’s membership is central to achieving these goals. CIBSE delivers the greatest benefit to society when our knowledge is drawn from the full spectrum of people and professions that form
its membership.

We inspire
We inspire our community and wider society to strive for better and safer building performance.

Our monthly CIBSE Journal, the annual Building Performance Awards, the Technical Symposium, and Build2Perform Live all serve to raise wider public awareness of what we do and the importance of building services engineering to society. They maximise the impact of the work being done by CIBSE – and building services engineering generally – to a highly diverse audience.

Raising awareness helps people appreciate the benefits of supporting building services engineers in their careers and the work they do to
improve building performance.

Demonstrating the importance of building performance, and the link with good building services engineering, reinforces the message that the success of the built environment is crucial to many areas of public life.

Our Building Performance Awards and Young Engineers Awards demonstrate what can be achieved by our expert members across the industry. The events encourage innovation and inspire others to tap into their own creativity.

Inspiring others to join our community and choose engineering as a career are essential if we are to meet our environmental targets, and we encourage committed people from every background. Through the work of our Inclusivity Panel and our commitment to diversity, we hope to attract as broad a range of new engineers as possible.

Our vision, mission and values

Our vision

Better-performing buildings for society and the environment

Our mission

To advance and promote the art, science and practice of building services engineering, to invest in education and research, and to support our community of built environment professionals in their pursuit of excellence

Our values

We lead
We are a trusted authority on the present and future challenges facing the built environment; we use our collective expertise and influence to champion the best and most innovative solutions with rigour and integrity

We Empower
We give people knowledge, training and networking, and a pathway to professional registration so their work will have a meaningful impact

We champion
We are vocal and visible in our drive to improve the performance, safety, health and sustainability of the built environment, and we support and celebrate the talented people who make it happen

We inspire
We are passionate about the quality of the built environment, and we encourage committed people, from every background, to join our community