Lighting community celebrated at annual awards

Florence Lam awarded 2020 SLL President’s Medal

Florence Lam FSLL was awarded the 2020 Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) President’s Medal at the annual SLL Lighting Awards.

Lam, who was the first women to be named Lighting Designer of the Year by the Lighting Design Awards and received the SLL Lighting Awards in 2014, was recognised for her significant lifetime contribution to lighting.

Lam started her career in lighting studying Engineering at Cambridge. She then undertook the Bartlett MSc in lighting design before co-founding a specialist lighting team at Arup, which has since grown to more than 120 designers across 12 countries.

At the online awards, the 2021 SLL Jean Heap Research Bursary was awarded to Jeevun Grewal, for his research in non-visual responses to light, and specifically wellbeing and sleep-wake cycles.

Two technical awards were presented for best published papers in Lighting Research & Technology Journal. The 2020 Leon Gaster award, presented for the best paper concerning lighting applications, was awarded to Timur Dogan and Daniel Park for their paper: Testing the residential daylight score: comparing climate-based daylighting metrics for 2444 individual dwellings units in temperate climates.

The Walsh Weston award, given for best paper considering more fundamental lighting matters, went to Adrie de Vries, Jan Souman and Professor Yvonne de Kort for their paper: Teasing apart office illumination: isolating the effect of task illuminance on office workers.

Both papers are available to members at CIBSE – Society of Light and Lighting – SLL

Other awards presented on the night were:

SLL Regional Award – Awarded to Katerina Konsta MSLL for her contribution to the North West region

2020 Lighting Award – Awarded to John Aston FSLL for outstanding service to the Society.

Honorary Fellowship of SLL: Awarded to Professor Geoff Cook, former chair of the LR&T editorial board, for his significant contribution to the Society and wider industry