Lift Group raises life-cycle carbon and Brexit

Updates from the seminar, Guide D, and Lifts and Escalator Symposium 2021

The CIBSE Lifts Group seminar, attended by more than 80 people in June, considered two key subjects affecting the construction industry generally, and the lift industry in particular – Brexit and life-cycle carbon.

In the first seminar, Michael Bottomley, of VT Consult, and Phil Pearson, of Pearson Consult, presented the logistical challenges that Brexit has brought to the lift industry, and some future problems that are now becoming apparent.

In the second seminar, focusing on energy, Sweco UK’s Matthew Mapp, Roaa Babiker and Adam Scott, and Dr Gina Barney, of Gina Barney Associates, highlighted the challenges that are looming for the lifts industry.

These include: lifts moving from ‘unregulated’ to ‘regulated’ energy as part of the base-build energy within the Design for Performance and NABERS UK framework; the need for the industry to engage with the subject of embodied carbon and operational carbon (particularly standby and idle power); and the need for a consistent and accurate approach to energy modelling using the soon-to-be updated CIBSE TM54 and the excellent ISO standards.
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Other updates
● In September 2020, CIBSE Guide D Transportation systems in buildings (2020) was published. The authors of the guide are now putting together an addendum containing errata and corrigendum. Please send any observations to
● Registration for the Lifts and Escalator Symposium 2021 is now open. For details and to register, go to