Legislation is focus of Golden Thread event

Golden Thread conference series continues on 28 September in London

With the next round of regulatory changes come into force on 1 October, the next event in CIBSE’s Golden Thread series, will set out the breadth of the regulatory changes, the new requirements of building regulations and the details of the new regime for the Golden Thread and Key Building Information that will apply to all those who are accountable persons for a Higher Risk Building.

This Golden Thread conference will take place on 28 September, at The Royal Society, London.

Under the new regime everyone undertaking building work will have a duty to be able to demonstrate compliance – everyone will need to be able to show their workings and provide the hard evidence to support a claim of compliance when challenged.

CIBSE is ideally placed to deliver authoritative guidance convene debate on Building Safety and high-risk buildings. We also work closely with all the key stakeholders active and affected by the Building Safety Act and its impact on how we build.

The Building Safety Act introduces the most radical changes to the system of building controls and approvals since the second world war. It fundamentally rewrites the legal controls over all building work and introduces new duties and responsibilities on all professionals in the supply chain.

The Building Services Community is the only group that is a constant from a Building’s conception, through its design, construction, commissioning and handover and on into the management maintenance and even refurbishment. CIBSE members are central to communication over standards and the exchange of key building information throughout the lifespan of a building.

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