Latest BSER&T now available

Latest edition includes papers on indoor water fountains offering acoustic protection and forecasting power grid intensity

CIBSE Journal February 2018 Jerry Shoolbred clerk of works PVs

The November edition of BSER&T includes enhancement of PV

Academic papers on forecasting power grid carbon intensity and water fountains offering acoustic protection feature in the latest issue of Building Services Engineering Research and Technology (BSER&T).

CIBSE members get free access to BSER&T – as well as Lighting, Research and Technology – published six times per year. The November edition of BSER&T includes:

  • How indoor water fountains can obscure acoustically intrusive noises without adversely affecting the occupants’ ability to hear each other
  • A method to determine what effect early detection of faults in building sensors and actuators is likely to have on energy and comfort
  • Analysis of novel counter-flow enthalpy recovery device for air conditioning systems using liquid desiccant
  • Impacts of elevated levels of atmospheric CO<sub>2</sub> on human cognitive performance, and how it will impact design of ventilation systems
  • Enhancement of PV: the integration of solid-solid phase change material with micro-channel flat plate heat pipe-based combined heat and power panels; and optimising the placement of PV panels to maximise useful solar shading as well as power generation
  • Day-ahead forecasting of the power grid carbon intensity has been developed to allow building operators to plan utilisation of HVAC plant, to reduce carbon emissions based on freely available data.

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