Inspiring the next generation

CIBSE Home Counties North East Region promoting building services engineering to students and parents

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CIBSE Home Counties North East Region attended a ‘Your Future 18’ event at the Towngate Theatre, Basildon, in October.

Armed with enthusiasm, stacks of leaflets, banners and a levitating ball machine, the CIBSE volunteers spoke to parents and students about possible careers in engineering. With an emphasis on building services, they sought to enlighten them about the rewards and prospects of choosing to go into the sector.

It is rare to find a building services engineer who planned to become one, so it is essential that the industry does all it can to attract tomorrow’s talent.

Such ‘whole town’ events make very good use of volunteers’ time, and thanks go to Anas Yunis, Mohammad Rezvan, Andrew Saville, Curtis Gregory and Austin Williamson for their help in Basildon