Inclusivity panel to develop diversity framework

First meeting of newly formed panel held in July

The recently formed CIBSE inclusivity panel held its inaugural meeting on 19 July. All members of the panel attended, with some joining the meeting remotely via video link.

Current members of the panel are: chair Atif Rashid, CIBSE board members John Field and Lynne Jack, co-vice-chairs Jo Edwards and Mikal Ahmed, Karter Singh, David Stevens and Annie Marston.

The panel reviewed the Royal Academy of Engineering progression framework, which has been published to support professional engineering institutions as they develop their approach to inclusion and diversity.

The framework offers a clear model to help institutions assess their progress towards improved diversity and inclusion across a number of key areas of activity.

The inclusivity panel agreed that CIBSE should take part in the Royal Academy’s benchmarking exercise, which allows organisations to assess their current position against the framework criteria.

It hopes this will make it easier to define clear objectives for CIBSE to improve inclusion and diversity, and to prepare an action plan for approval by the CIBSE board in November 2017.