CPD on building safety and sustainability now compulsory

New logos introduced to help signpost relevant CPD

As of this month, it is mandatory for CIBSE Licentiates, Associates, Members and Fellows to undertake continuing professional development (CPD) on sustainability and building safety.

Each member is now required to take part in, and reflect on, semi-structured activities on these topics, such as supplier webinars, CIBSE events, or internal company presentations. This will focus learning and development on these two key industry issues, ensuring engineers deliver more efficient building designs and stay informed about the latest technology and techniques in building safety.

CIBSE has introduced new CPD icons to help signpost relevant training and events, so look out for these on the website and on training information.

CIBSE Members must also abide by the CIBSE Code of Conduct, which includes recording their CPD activities in a log. The easiest way to do this is by using CIBSE’s online tool mycareerpath, but it can also be done on a spreadsheet.