Could you be a future Officer, or Board or Council Member?

CIBSE is actively seeking nominations that reflect the breadth of our membership

CIBSE Journal June 2019 President Lynne Jack

There’s no better way to make a contribution to our profession than to be a member of one of the bodies that shapes its future.

We know we will only maintain our position at the forefront of the industry if we continue to champion new ideas and provide a platform to those who seek to inspire change.

That’s why, this year, we are actively seeking participation from members who may not have considered nominating themselves before to take office at the AGM in May 2022.

You can nominate yourself to the Board or the Council, or suggest a colleague who would like to be considered and who you believe meets the eligibility criteria.

The Board is the Institution’s governing body. It is made up of the seven Officers – President, president-elect, three vice-presidents, honorary treasurer and immediate past-president – and five elected members.

Under the new arrangements, the vice-presidents and honorary treasurer are appointed by the Board, but the president-elect and board member positions may be subject to election if there are more candidates than vacancies.

The Council is a much larger consultative body that advises the Board on Institution policy. It is made up of representatives of the regions, Societies, groups and Standing Committees, and has a number of places for elected members.

Your nomination for the Board or the Council will be considered by the nominations panel, which will make recommendations to the Board. If your board nomination is not progressed by the Board, you can ask for 10 Corporate Members to support you to take part in a ballot to members.

Remember that the nominations are open to all members who fulfil the eligibility requirements. CIBSE is actively seeking nominations that reflect the breadth of our membership. We would particularly encourage anyone who feels people with their background, heritage or life experiences are currently not represented at Board or Council level to come forward.

Details on the process, role descriptions and eligibility requirements can be found at along with the nominations application form, which must be completed for all candidates. It must be submitted by Monday 30 August 2021.