Conferences to give clarity on Building Safety Act

Run by CIBSE and the Society of Digital Engineering, the first event on the golden thread takes place on 14 September

Credit: Dimitris66

A new series of conferences providing clarity and a practical understanding of the Building Safety Act and the ‘golden thread’ requirements has been launched by CIBSE and the Society of Digital Engineering (SDE).

The series will address who and what the act affects, how it will be regulated, and how to make sure you are working in compliance with it.

Authors of the legislation will talk about how the golden thread affects engineers, building owners, facilities and estate managers, building professionals, and contractors.

The golden thread relates to the management, recording and accessibility of information about a building, enabling someone to understand the building and keep it safe. It also refers to how this information is managed, ensuring that it is accurate, up to date, secure, clear and accessible to those who need it.

The first conference coincides with the launch of BS 8644-1:2022 (Digital management of fire safety information. Part 1: Design, construction, handover, asset management and emergency response – Code of practice). This standard describes the requirements for digitally managing building safety information, as asked for by Dame Judith Hackitt in her report Building a Safer Future.

These conferences will be platforms to share knowledge and define best practice, to give people confidence in meeting the new requirements.

The first – The Building Safety Act: the consultation and the golden thread – will be in London on 14 September 2022.