CIBSE Journal has your vote in readership survey

Survey reveals continued strong support for the magazine and content

CIBSE Journal November 2017 CIBSE marketing opt in tick

CIBSE Journal has again scored highly in the readership survey, with 92% of respondents rating it as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’.

When respondents were asked to rate specific features in the magazine, case studies and technical articles were rated most highly, with 95% describing them as ‘very’ or ‘quite’ useful. This was closely followed by the news and business news, which received 94% of the votes. When asked what other – less frequently covered – areas people would like to see featured, international case studies scored highest, closely followed by health and wellbeing and electrical engineering projects.

There was also feedback on how long people spend reading each edition; 48% said 30-60 minutes, with 21% taking more than an hour over the monthly magazine.

The Journal website also received positive feedback, with 82% of those who visited the site rating it as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’.

Three webinars were hosted by the Journal in 2018 and 83% of those who tuned in rated them as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. They are available on demand on the Journal website.

Thank you to the 500 people who responded to the reader survey in November.