CIBSE’s charitable commitment

Home Counties North West highlights how the region meets CIBSE’s charitable aims


Improving and maintaining our professional and technical standards are central to CIBSE’s public benefit. But access to CIBSE’s art and science isn’t exclusive; as a registered charity, CIBSE serves more than one group of individuals.

Chris Jones, immediate past chair of CIBSE Home Counties North West (HCNW), said: ‘Its public benefit must be tangible – although it may be difficult to measure. CIBSE’s Regions are run entirely by unpaid volunteers who deliver imaginative and wide-ranging events in a spirit of public benefit, and volunteering helps deliver a ‘charity discount’.

The Regions engage a wide cross-section of society. For example, HCNW ran four public events with two Transition Towns. These community groups have a particular interest in energy efficiency and the environment, ways to alleviate fuel poverty and improve health and wellbeing.

In 2015, the Region attracted 12% bookings from the general public.

Jones added: ‘Blending the public and professionals from built environment disciplines also adds breadth to a Region’s perspective, helping our Institution fulfil its charitable objects.’