Call for Symposium papers and posters

Symposium aims to encourage the participation of both young and experienced industry practitioners, researchers and building users

CIBSE Journal July 2016 news symposium papers

CIBSE is calling for papers, posters and case studies for the 2017 Technical Symposium, taking place on 5-6 April, at Loughborough University.

The theme is ‘Delivering resilient high performance buildings’, inspired by the debates and discussions dominating the industry.

Strongly allied with this year’s ASHRAE and CIBSE presidential themes – respectively ‘Adapt today to shape tomorrow’ and ‘Improving performance’ – the 2017 event aims to offer evidence of the adoption and protraction of resilience in the design and operation of buildings.

All papers, posters and case studies will be peer reviewed and published electronically by CIBSE.

Material should be based on recent or current research and application, as well as the actual or potential impact on the built environment. Send abstracts to by 12 September. For details visit the CIBSE website.