Call for B&SERT papers on housing performance

Editorial board is keen to showcase latest knowledge and developments in all areas related to building services

The future fit performance of the domestic sector will rely on innovative knowledge, tools and systems that support a ‘future-proof’ approach to upgrading the energy and environmental performance of homes so that they deliver on current targets and remain resilient to future challenges, while maintaining occupant health and wellbeing.

The Building Services Engineering Research and Technology Journal (BSER&T) editorial board is keen to showcase the latest knowledge and developments in all areas related to building services in a ‘Special Issue’ publication.

If you have research or practice that could be suitable to feature and you are able to produce a robust, peer-reviewed research paper, technical note or a review paper, we would like to hear from you. Material must include considerations of:

● the building systems needed to meet future challenges in the domestic stock
● designing for uncertainty in building systems
● factors that impact long-term performance
● moving from heating dominated to both heating and cooling based demand
● new technologies, energy networks and consumer patterns
● optimised decision-making targeting long-term benefit
● potential of under-researched areas such as hard to decarbonise homes
● topics that advance the understanding of the future fit performance of homes.

We will contact prospective authors within three weeks of the submission closing date to advise whether their paper has been invited to be developed for the issue.

There will then be a maximum of 12 weeks to submit the final paper.

All submissions will be subject to peer review.

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Send abstract of no more than 200 words, by 14 February to