Call for academic research on overheating

Papers to be published in special edition of Building Services Engineering Research and Technology (BSERT) Journal

CIBSE Journal November 2016 news overheating BSERT

The Building Services Engineering Research and Technology (BSER&T) Journal is publishing a special issue dedicated to overheating, scheduled for 2019, and is calling for abstracts on the subject from academic research.

Rising external temperatures as a result of intense urbanisation and climate change, and more airtight buildings, will increase the risk of overheating in buildings, especially those that rely on natural ventilation. High indoor temperatures affect occupant thermal comfort, health and wellbeing, and productivity.

If you and your team are doing academic research into overheating, BSER&T would like to hear from you. It is specifically looking at the:

  • Quantifying the risk of overheating, now and in the future, for domestic and nondomestic buildings, for new and existing stock
  • Interaction between outdoor and indoor temperatures
  • Role of ventilation in providing indoor air quality
  • Implications of outdoor pollution and noise on the cooling effect of natural ventilation
  • Impact of overheating on health and productivity
  • Affect of overheating on vulnerable population groups, people with pre-existing health conditions, the elderly and young
  • Energy and energy infrastructure implications of increased mechanical cooling demand to deal with overheating.

Please send an abstract of no more than 300 words, by 31 July 2018, to