Technical papers recognised with medals

Technical papers on energy use in HVAC components and summer years data win accolade

The Napier Shaw and Carter Bronze Medals have been awarded to academic papers that explore energy use in HVAC components and design summer years to assess overheating risk. The prizes will be awarded at the CIBSE President’s dinner in October.

Ian Knight, from Cardiff University, won the Carter Bronze Medal for his paper Operational energy use and power demands in European HVAC components. This looked at how a gradual move from energy management at building level to component level requires specific energy-consumption and power-demand benchmarks.

Knight’s paper gave a methodology for collecting and collating the data needed for producing benchmarks, and showed that data can produce benchmark ranges of operational energy consumption and power demands at individual component level.

The University of Exeter’s Matthew Eames – who won in 2012 – was awarded the Napier Shaw medal for his paper An update of the UK’s design summer years: Probabilistic design summer years for enhanced overheating risk analysis in building design. Eames presents a method to create probabilistic design summer years data that can be used to inform designers of the risk of overheating to occupants. It can also be used to generate new near-extreme weather files for the UK.

CIBSE members can access BSERT Journal – where the papers are published – and LR&T journal at