Benevolent Fund supports member stranded overseas

Fund is available for members, former members and their dependents who are in need

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected CIBSE members in many ways. The CIBSE Benevolent Fund is available to support members who find themselves facing hardship at this time. This update from the fund is a reminder of how it can help:

A CIBSE member who went to check the design and installation of a residential project  in Barbados got caught up in the original lockdown. With planes grounded, he was unable to return to the UK.

He left his hotel because of escalating costs and moved into an Airbnb property, where he was stuck paying rent for a further eight weeks, with little funds for food and medicines.

His wife and family in south London helped where they could, but he was incurring substantial additional expense in Barbados, and dealing with loss of income.

He contacted the CIBSE Benevolent Fund, which provided him with an initial grant to tide him over until he got back to the UK and a further small grant to assist with costs incurred in securing an emergency flight home.

‘It would have been hard getting by without your help and it is something members need to know about and contribute towards. You never know when you may need it and the team were understanding, and quick in providing the funds,’ he said.

The CIBSE Benevolent Fund can help members, former members and their dependents who are in need, whether through sickness, bereavement, or financial hardship.

Email, phone Stuart Brown on 02086755211 or write to CIBSE Benevolent Fund, 222, Balham High Road, London SW12 9BS.