Annual event celebrates engineering excellence

Three Gold Medals and five Siver Medals presented to recognise achievements

Tim Dwyer (centre) with Terry Giles (right), who read the citation

Three Gold Medals and five Silver Medals were presented at the annual President’s Awards Dinner last month. The Gold Medal is CIBSE’s highest accolade and was presented to George Adams FCIBSE, Tim Dwyer FCIBSE and Liz Peck FSLL, who sadly died in 2020.

The medals are presented to those who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment, dedication and service to the institution and the wider industry.

Silver Medals were awarded to Tony Sung FCIBSE, David Stevens FCIBSE, Gary Jones FCIBSE, Paul Angus FCIBSE FSoPHE and Martin Liddament FCIBSE.

Basem Ghanemi Pilar was awarded the CIBSE Undergraduate Award and University College London won the Happold Brilliant Award.

Gold medals

George Adams (centre) with CIBSE President Kevin Mitchell (left) and David Hughes

George Adams CEng FCIBSE
George’s career started in the building services division of Matthew Hall in 1973 as an apprentice, where he still works today as director of energy and engineering. He joined CIBSE in 1981, becoming a Fellow in 2012 and President in 2013. George is chair of the Cities and Climate Change Group and was fundamental in the formation of what is now the Inclusivity and Diversity Panel. He chairs the CIC Green Construction Panel. He has also been involved in the post Grenfell Tower work around engineering competence.

Liz Peck FSLL

Liz Peck FSLL
Liz started her career on the sales desk at Concord, before joining the design team at Marlin following a merger. After a move to Philips, Liz studied for a Masters in architecture light and lighting at UCL. She set up her own design practice and became SLL President in 2015. Her Presidential year coincided with the UNESCO International Year of Light, when SLL organised the Night of Heritage Light. Liz was named Lux Person of the Year 2015. In 2020 Liz made a huge contribution to SLL Guide to protecting the night-time environment, before she died.

Tim Dwyer CEng FCIBSE
For over 20 years Tim has led the CIBSE ASHRAE Group to foster greater information exchange. He has been involved in the CIBSE ASHRAE Graduate of the Year since it launched. For the past five years he has been managing editor of BSER&T, and is technical editor on the CIBSE Journal. Tim has chaired the CIBSE Technical Symposium for 10 years. His lecturing at LSBU and UCL has been an inspiration to several generations of engineers.

Five win CIBSE Silver Medals

Tony Sung CEng FCIBSE.
In 1981 Tony taught the first MSc building services degree course in the UK, at Heriot-Watt University. He also developed the first MSc sustainable electrical building services engineering course. He was chair of the CIBSE Electrical Services Group, a CIBSE Board member, a membership interviewer and an accreditation panel member.
Citation by Leon Markwell.

David Stevens CEng FCIBSE.
David serves on the CIBSE Board, is vice chair and secretary of the FM Group and a membership interviewer. He is a leading author for CIBSE Guide M and was awarded a presidential commendation in 2021 for the Emerging from Lockdown series.
Citation by Sebastian Gray

Gary Jones CEng FCIBSE.
Gary was CIBSE Southern Region chair twice. He was instrumental in establishing the YEN Southern Region group in 2014. He is actively involved in the CIBSE Education and Learning Group and is currently chair of Constructing Excellence Hampshire.
Citation by Peter Prentice.

Paul Angus CEng FCIBSE FSoPHE.
Paul has more than 20 years’ experience leading and managing complex projects, with his key discipline being in hydraulics (public health) engineering. He has been a volunteer on CIBSE committees since 2006, as CIBSE New South Wales chair, and ANZ chair, and is currently ANZ treasurer.
Citation by Mark Crawford.

Martin Liddament FCIBSE.
Martin joined the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre or AIVC in 1980, becoming its head in 1986. He has contributed to a number of CIBSE’s publications including Guide A, B and Applications Manual 10. He began publishing the International Journal of Ventilation in 2001, editing it for 14 years.
Citation by Chris Iddon.

UCL win Happold Brilliant Award
University College London was awarded the Happold Brilliant Award, in recognition of excellence in the teaching of building services engineering. The award was presented to Dejan Mumovic on behalf of the University by Priti Parikh.

Presentations were also made to the winners of the four awards for technical papers and the Ken Dale Award 2022, details of which were reported in the October and September CIBSE Journal respectively.

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