Air quality and ventilation feature in latest journal offering

BSER&T Journal available to access for CIBSE members for free

The November 2020 issue of Building Services Engineering Research and Technology (BSER&T) is now available. CIBSE members can access BSER&T and Lighting Research and Technology journal, covering lighting, for free at

In BSER&T, a paper by Albert So et al, from Hong Kong, considers the control of motors to power multidimensional ‘ropeless’ lifts (elevators) of the future that will inform the design of a new generation of vertical transportation.

A paper by Dariusz Heim et al, from Poland, sets out techniques to make more realistic predictions of the processes of air infiltration and the effect on a building’s energy consumption.

Meanwhile, Chuanling Men et al compare the use of naturally exhaled occupant CO2 as a means of assessing building infiltration rates compared with methods that use an injected tracer gas.

A mathematical model for predicting the concentration of particles in air for residences under various ventilation methods is described by Wei Xie et al. The work specifically evaluates the penetration of PM2.5 particulates.

The review paper on ventilation-system filtration by Jing Ee Yit et al acknowledges that developing countries are still transitioning towards the international filter standard ISO 16890.

George Bennett et al report on their research examining the impact of boiler oversizing on efficiency when considering space heating.

A technical note by Khodadoost Rostami Zadeh et al, from Iran, gives a commentary on the optimisation of gas-fired CCHP systems with thermal energy storage for a residential complex by using exergy and thermo-economic analyses.