The skills challenge

There is currently a clear focus on building safety and net-zero carbon buildings. Hywel Davies suggests that serious investment in skills, right across the industry, is needed to deliver these effectively

What’s the plan?

There is insufficient ambition for new buildings in 2025, says CIBSE’s Julie Godefroy, who also questions the plan for the existing stock

Changing the system

New chief inspector of buildings Peter Baker will have extensive regulatory powers to ensure building safety

Locked in

We are all familiar with lockdown and the delay between taking action and seeing evidence of the effect of that action. Hywel Davies considers how that delay is multiplied by years when we look to reduce carbon emissions

What it says on the tin

Many readers will recall a DIY product advert that said ‘it does what it says on the tin’. Everyone wants products that do what the marketing claims, whatever the application. But for safety critical products where real-life performance could be the difference between life and death for a building occupant or an emergency responder, accurate […]

Learning from the pandemic response

This is a pivotal year for the global response to climate change, although some still question the need or the expense. Hywel Davies considers the cost of not preparing

Renewing rented homes

The UK lacks a coordinated UK retrofit strategy, while the consultation for improving private rented homes contains some flaws, says Julie Godefroy

Anything but play

After the government announced measures to improve collaboration with industry, minimise greenhouse gas emissions and support the UK recovery from Covid-19, Hywel Davies considers the likely impact