Unregulated energy – why we should care

There are many complexities and risks involved in predicting total operational energy – in particular, the unregulated element. Even so, WSP’s Kate Dougherty says it is our duty to assist and educate our clients

Becoming ‘the normal one’

Being a team player is important in BIM. Hurley Palmer Flatt’s Thomas Lindner shares his reflections as a post-heroic building information manager

The future of heat

The government has issued a call for evidence on a framework for heat in buildings. Hywel Davies looks at what it offers

Mind the NOx – at what cost?

High-performance heating requires a fine balance between energy efficiency and environmental impact, says Remeha’s Mike Hefford

Why air quality is becoming a global concern

Air quality is a significant issue, and not just in the UK. Air pollution has serious impacts on health wherever it occurs and is now a pressing concern globally. Hywel Davies reports

A capital idea for all?

The draft London Plan aims to make the city zero carbon by 2050. Hilson Moran’s Marie-Louise Schembri looks at the benefits for end users