21 gun salute: Young Engineers Awards shortlists

The 2022 CIBSE Young Engineers Awards will recognise a graduate and two apprentices for their skills and passion as building services engineers. For the first time, the awards will be held at RIBA headquarters, on what will be a memorable night for all 21 shortlisted engineers

Gateway to safety: designing for the new building safety regime

As the Building Safety Act comes into law, the industry is facing the biggest reform of building control ever seen. With the HSE raising concerns about 50% of designs at the first planning gateway of the new safety regime, it’s clearly essential to get to grips with the changes now. Phil Lattimore reports

Special chemistry: why FairHeat targets chemistry graduates

Recruiting engineers with chemistry degrees is giving FairHeat the expertise to fully optimise heat network performance. Amanda Birch speaks to four FairHeat engineers who took a non-traditional route into the building services industry

Cost model: build-to-rent housing

With the demand for build-to-rent accommodation accelerating, Aecom’s Garry Burdett outlines a cost model for a typical project

Celebrating career pioneers

Kevin Mitchell FCIBSE has called on CIBSE members to inspire the next generation of building services engineers. Alex Smith finds out what makes a great mentor and looks at the value of paying forward

125 years of CIBSE: back to the future

From a small group of dedicated Victorian engineers seeking to increase their knowledge about the science of heating and ventilation to a 21,000-member global organisation that covers every facet of the building services industry – we trace the development of CIBSE over 125 years

Buildings for the future

Future structures will be carbon negative, climate resilient and integrated into the local community, according to engineers and sustainability experts at Buro Happold. They tell Andy Pearson why the next generation of buildings must be designed today