The urban emergency: addressing environmental quality

Designers must take a holistic approach to the urban environment, say members of the UK Urban Environmental Quality working group, who explain how elements such as wind, water and the urban form can be addressed to optimise air quality and thermal comfort

‘Asking the right questions’: meeting building safety requirements

As chair of the new Industry Competence Steering Group, Hanna Clarke has a crucial role to play in making sure the construction sector comes together to improve competency and meet the requirements of the Building Safety Act. Alex Smith speaks to the artist turned safety expert with a painter’s eye for detail

Building on performance: CIBSE awards analysis

The quality of data in entries to the CIBSE Building Performance Awards is improving, says Julie Godefroy, who reveals new categories for the 2025 accolades, which are now open for submissions

Case study: Manchester’s garden of Eden

Wellbeing is at the core of Manchester’s Eden building, which features the biggest green wall in Europe and has been designed to ensure tenants have the potential to achieve Well Certification. Andy Pearson finds out how wellbeing and sustainability were baked into the design

Predicting heat pump performance: a simplified analysis

A simplified energy analysis model for residential heat pump retrofits aims to show if a system is performing as expected. Tony Day FCIBSE describes the method and how to use it to predict coefficient of performance against daily degree-days

Case study: Passivhaus Plus Hackbridge Primary School

Hackbridge Primary is the first Passivhaus Plus-certified school, setting a new standard for sustainable design and operational efficiency. Andy Pearson talks to members of the project team about the award-winning scheme

Keeping fit with less energy: Ravelin Sports Centre

Designers behind the Ravelin Sports Centre have crunched its energy-use numbers down to an impressive 87kWh·m-2 per year, less than half that required to achieve a DEC ‘A’ rating. Andy Pearson discovers how an innovative mix of passive and active technologies produced a sector-leading building that won a CIBSE Building Performance Award