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A university for renewable technology takes root in central China at the extraordinary Wuhan New Energy Institute


China in bloom

The Wuhan New Energy Institute is designed to inspire and transform a nation’s building stock

The pioneer who rid parliament of hot air

Profile of David Boswell Reid – the first true building services engineer

Pump priming

Mitsubishi Electric launches new Ecodan heat pump

Holding out for a zero

How Walgreens drugstore chain set out to build the USA's first net-zero-energy store

From BIM to SIM

Designers will reject BIM unless it incorporates intelligent information to monitor buildings

How to join the smart set

HVAC systems must be integrated with IT and internet networks to create intelligent buildings

Chip & sin

Poor specification of ICT systems can damage a low-evergy office

Computer says: 'Are you sure?'

Engineers are too dependent on technology and must get back to basic physics


MPs hammer government over 'failing' Green Deal

Just 4,000 Green Deal plans have started producing ‘negligible’ carbon savings

Air filtration for polluted schools

Call for new guidance to prioritise air quality in planning decisions

Axing Code will drive down standards, warn experts

Gap in standards and restrictions on local authorities will impact quality of work


Tender care

A new EU Directive aims to simplify and modernise public procurement

Marcos DeCastro

Why building services skills are being overlooked


Maintaining comfort, as well as efficiency, with VRV systems

This module explores the provision of VRC systems to provide efficient, comfortable cooling throughout their lifetime, as demands change

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