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Guidance: Discharge from storage cylinders into pipework systems

Good pipe plumbing is key to supporting safety in buildings. BPF Pipes Group’s Steve Skeldon shares best practice in designing safety relief discharge pipework

September 2017 Heating
CIBSE Journal October 2017 O2 hotel

Greenwich hotel opens door to district heating

The InterContinental Hotel at the O2 was linked to the local heat network after designers convinced the developer of its resilience. Phil Lattimore describes Aecom’s…

September 2017 CHP
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Fresh thinking: Importance of indoor air quality metrics

Indoor air quality is not easy to measure, but metrics must move towards environments that consider occupant health, says the University of Nottingham’s Benjamin Jones…

August 2017 indoor air quality
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Making the grade: BB101 guidelines on ventilation

New ventilation guidelines will have a significant impact on the design of schools. Liza Young finds out how the requirements on air quality affect three ventilation…

August 2017 Ventilation
St James's market

Smart about metering: the Crown Estate at St James’s Market

Good communication helped Carbon2018 and The Crown Estate execute best practice and install a full metering system that meets building users’ needs at their new…

August 2017 Metering
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Opportunity NOx: Testing standards for air filters

There is now one global testing procedure and classification system for particle air filters – which should have a positive impact on urban air quality…

August 2017 indoor air quality
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