Showcasing net-zero: Event Complex Aberdeen’s energy strategy

The Event Complex Aberdeen has a sophisticated energy strategy combining anaerobic digestion, hydrogen fuel cells and CHP plant. Andy Pearson talks to HDR | Hurley…

November 2019 CHP

Alight and well: lighting for healthcare environments

Lighting of healthcare environments is moving beyond clinical necessity. Andrew Bissell examines the critical need to consider the non-visual, as well as the visual, aspects of illumination

November 2019 Lighting

Growing interest: using wastewater to heat Britain’s giant greenhouses

To minimise carbon emissions, developers behind two huge greenhouses in East Anglia are using heat from nearby wastewater treatment plants to provide perfect growing conditions.…

October 2019 heat pumps

What is the most efficient system for heating zero carbon homes?

What is the most effective way of heating our future zero carbon homes? Chris Twinn has been researching the issue for five years and has…

October 2019 Housing
Remeha R-Gen CHP

A condensing guide to CHP efficiency

CHP can offer savings in applications with high, constant heat demand, but how designers integrate it will impact on the benefits. Remeha’s Ryan Kirkwood considers…

October 2019 Boiler

Level best: highlights from the 10th Symposium on Lift and Escalator Technologies

The 10th Symposium on Lift and Escalator Technologies covered simulation, connectivity and safety, as the Lift and Escalator Industry Association’s Nick Mellor reports

October 2019 lift

In the pipeline – is hydrogen a potential low carbon replacement for natural gas?

Hydrogen is being widely touted as a potential low carbon replacement for natural gas but, for it to succeed industry will need to address substantial…

September 2019 Heating

Roundtable: the importance and appropriateness of material selection when specifying pipework

Appropriate material selection for pipework is essential if HVAC systems are to be fully optimised. At a roundtable sponsored by Geberit, experts from across the…

September 2019 Pipework

Case study: One Angel Square, Northampton

Robust modelling and an intelligent redesign enabled BDP to retain natural ventilation in Northamptonshire County Council’s new offices. Andy Pearson finds out how collaborative value…

September 2019

Testing the water – designing the UK’s first Passivhaus swimming pool

The UK’s first Passivhaus swimming pool, currently being developed by Exeter City Council, seeks to halve energy use and create a chemical-free, healthy environment. Andy…

September 2019 Passivhaus
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