Sponsored roundtable: cooling for life

Decarbonising cooling involves passive design measures, efficient cooling and a robust approach to refrigeration leakage, according to members of a CIBSE Journal roundtable on whole life cooling, sponsored by Daikin

Sensible cooling: avoiding overcooling in buildings

When spaces are cooled to uncomfortable temperatures, negative impacts are seen on people’s health and the environment. Tim Dwyer looks at a new paper that attempts to measure the extent of the issue

Case study: the services design team behind 100 Liverpool Street

CIBSE Employer of the Year ChapmanBDSP says support, praise and recognition are key to attracting and retaining the best people. Recently, the practice took staff on a tour of 100 Liverpool Street, a major commercial retrofit, which has become British Land’s first net zero building. Andy Pearson reports

Dual purpose: evaporative cooling

Switching between modes in dual evaporative coolers can result in large operational savings, according to a recent B&SERT paper. Tim Dwyer looks at the latest research on hybrid direct and regenerative evaporative cooling

Turning to CO2 refrigerant in large-scale retrofits

Using CO2 as a refrigerant in heat pumps is ideal for retrofits requiring higher-temperature heat. Daniel Clark, of Isentra, reports on the refurbishment of Wolfson College, which is using heat pumps for district heating and DHW

Striking the right note

Engineers at London’s Grade I-listed Royal Albert Hall had the challenge of designing a near-silent cooling system in one of the UK’s most important Victorian buildings. Andy Pearson listens in

Rethinking the fan coil

The Artus hybrid air conditioning unit is only 200mm deep, yet it achieves energy savings of 83% over conventional fan coil units thanks to patented designs for the heat exchanger and fan assembly. Andy Pearson speaks to inventor Roger Olsen about his quest to cool buildings more efficiently