SAP 10: Other factors to consider

Lower carbon factors for grid electricity, in draft SAP 10, will profoundly affect how designers provide heat and…

January 2019

Playing to the gallery – V&A Dundee’s low carbon strategy

With its bold geometric design in danger of upstaging the exhibits inside, V&A Dundee has been making waves…

January 2019
CIBSE Journal January 2019 heat pumps PCM Themac

The next phase: heat pumps and PCM

An InnovateUK research project is looking to combine phase change materials with a smart heat pump system to…

January 2019
CIBSE Journal January 2019 battery

Taking charge: gas sensors in battery rooms

A build-up of hydrogen in battery stores or charging rooms will create an extremely flammable atmosphere, so detection…

January 2019

Customised BPE on a different level – developing building performance evaluation in India

Tim Dwyer digests research, led by Rajat Gupta, that investigates the opportunity to develop – and nurture adoption…

January 2019

Refrigerant choice

Despite the F-Gas phasedown that is taking place over the next 12 years, there is still a wide…

January 2019
High rise apartment from below

Technical note: the government ban on combustible materials in high-rise residential buildings

Amendment to Building Regulations will come into force on 21 December 2018 and affect buildings over 18m high.…

November 2018
Hoare Lea office

The living lab: making data count

Hoare Lea’s Living Lab is exploring how data can be used to optimise buildings for both energy use and…

November 2018
CIBSE Journal December 2018 crossrail

Train of thought – Elizabeth line lighting concept

GIA Equation’s Keith Miller explains the overarching principles behind the lighting concept for the Elizabeth line, Europe’s largest…

November 2018
Urban Sciences Building

Sensor sensibility: Newcastle University’s Urban Sciences Building

Newcastle University’s Urban Sciences Building has 4,000 sensors to help optimise user comfort and energy performance. Andy Pearson…

November 2018
CIBSE Journal December 2018 biophilic office

Natural selection – measuring the effects of the Biophilic Office

A major BRE study on biophilic office design will focus on how lighting impacts on the wellbeing of…

November 2018
CIBSE Journal December 2018 lighting supplement LG17 retail lighting guide

High streetwise – SLL’s guide to retail lighting

The SLL has published its first guide to retail lighting. Jill Entwistle talks to author Simon Robinson about…

November 2018
CIBSE Journal November 2018 Old Bailey

Judicial renew – replacing heating and cooling at the Old Bailey

Fifty-year-old boilers at the Old Bailey are being replaced under the watchful eye of Lady Justice, in a…

November 2018
Curvature of Earth with sun rising

Reach for the stars – taking a lift into space

An elevator that takes passengers into space may sound like the stuff of fiction, but Dr Bryan E…

November 2018
CIBSE Journal November 2018 Center Parcs

Paradise forged – Heating and cooling at Center Parcs Longford Forest resort

Center Parcs Longford Forest resort required renewable energy generation, ventilation that didn’t harm tropical plants and a new…

November 2018