CIBSE Journal June 2017 evaporative cooling

Making the case for evaporative cooling

Evaporative cooling can save energy when used in the right climate. AEI’s James Falconer looks at the technology…

June 2017 Cooling
CIBSE Journal May 2017 Zig Zag Exterior

Secure connection – Zig Zag and Kings Gate development

With linked energy centres that allow the transfer of both heating and cooling, two new buildings in Victoria…

May 2017 Cooling
Klima Therm Teslamiser

Packing a punch – battery chillers

New battery technology could revolutionise the HVAC industry, says Klima-Therm’s Tim Mitchell, who explains how battery chillers that…

March 2017 Cooling
CIBSE Journal July 2016 Guide B essentials

Guide B essentials – air conditioning and refrigeration

CIBSE’s seminal guide to HVAC systems has had a major revision. Guide B covers best practice for heating,…

June 2016 Cooling
Packard Foundation Headquarters main

Packard Foundation HQ: net zero energy CIBSE award winner

The team behind the Packard Foundation HQ, which won the international project of the year accolade at CIBSE’s…

May 2016 Cooling
Bank of England Bank of England CIBSE Journal March 2016

Savings bank – cooling at the Bank of England

A new cooling system has reduced the Bank of England’s carbon emissions by 717 tonnes of carbon dioxide…

March 2016 Cooling
CIBSE Journal roundtable

Roundtable: What’s next for heating, cooling and ventilation?

How does our approach to services need to adapt to tackle issues such as climate change? A CIBSE…

January 2016 Cooling
Magnetic field visualisation

What’s so attractive about magnetic refrigeration?

Magnetic refrigeration has the potential to reduce energy use by 30% and requires no refrigerant. Metkel Yebiyo and…

January 2016 Cooling

A higher authority – upgrading valves at Chiswick Park

Pressure independent control valves can offer extensive energy benefits according to manufactures. Frese has fitted 1,060 units to…

October 2015 Cooling

Build tight – ventilate right?

Indoor air quality in housing is being compromised because ventilation scenarios in Building Regulations are not realistic, says…

October 2015 Cooling

Back to basics

With some way to go before natural ventilation is completely accepted as a viable alternative to mechanical systems,…

September 2015 Cooling

Light at the end of the tunnel

Endless corridors, dingy waiting rooms and basement treatment rooms will be a thing of the past at Guy’s…

August 2015 Cooling

Urban reality

Passive design for new London homes is being thwarted by external noise and the desire for glazing. Ashley…

May 2015 Cooling