Module 59: Ensuring best performance in variable refrigerant volume/flow systems

This module looks at the development of VRV/VRF systems and how legislation and environmental assessment are shaping their…

December 2013 Cooling

Module 58: Improving VRF systems

This module explores some of the main areas of focus for manufacturers seeking to enhance VRF performance

November 2013 Cooling

Module 52: Textile-based ductwork distribution systems

This module considers the design and application of textile-based air distribution systems

May 2013 Cooling

Module 51: Air source VRF systems for flexible room heating and cooling, heat recovery and hydronic heating

This module considers the development of VRF systems and newer implementations for producing higher temperature hot water for…

April 2013 Cooling

Module 39: Cooling options for data centres

This module considers the low energy cooling options currently available to help reduce the energy consumption and carbon…

April 2012 Cooling

Module 30: Commissioning processes for heating and cooling water distribution in buildings

The latest regulations emphasise the need to commission building services appropriately. So, when should commissioning start and what…

July 2011 Cooling

Module 18: Evaporative cooling enhancement on air cooled chillers

How can evaporative cooling deliver improved performance, and what are the cost implications? These are some of the…

July 2010 Cooling

Module 14: The psychrometrics of air conditioning systems

The CPD articles in the April, August, November and December 2009 editions of the CIBSE Journal have set…

March 2010 Cooling

Module 10: Absorption refrigeration

This article introduces the reader to an alternative cooling cycle to the familiar vapour compression cycle, in the…

November 2009 Cooling

Module 6: The quiet revolution in chillers

Developments in centrifugal compressors over the last five years have produced packaged water chilling equipment with considerably higher…

July 2009 Cooling

Module 2: Refrigeration – inside the box

This CPD article takes us back to the principles upon which the majority of refrigeration equipment used in…

March 2009 Cooling