Reduce, reuse, recycle – meeting the F-Gas targets

Managing the supply of HFC refrigerants and reducing pressure on the newly lowered quotas introduced by the F-Gas…

May 2018 Cooling

How the F-gas regulations are disrupting the cooling industry

The soaring price of refrigerant gas is leading to an outbreak of unsafe and illegal practices, writes Ewen…

May 2018 Cooling

Practicing perfect commissioning for air conditioning systems

Air conditioning offers benefits in terms of cooling and heating, but only if systems are commissioned correctly before…

May 2018 Cooling
CFD thermal model

Using CFD to predict flows in chilled beams

Computational Fluid Dynamics can be used to gauge flow predictions for chilled beams, according to Abdullah Karimi's paper…

March 2018 Cooling
Daylit office Credit: iStock mediaphotos

How to achieve nearly zero carbon emissions with evaporative cooling

In many climates, comfort cooling with zero carbon emissions can be achieved through a combination of evaporative cooling,…

March 2018 Cooling
CIBSE Journal March 2018 Nanaimo hospital

Thermal labyrinth offers comfort at Canadian hospital

A new emergency department at a Canadian hospital enabled designers to use a basement void to install a…

March 2018 Cooling

National Gallery of Ireland’s hidden services

Refurbishment of the National Gallery of Ireland required tight environmental control in the galleries, but there was minimal…

November 2017 Cooling
CIBSE Journal November 2017 King's Cross cooling pod

District cooling at King’s Cross

A sliver of land between a rail line and offices was the only site available for a cooling…

November 2017 Cooling
CIBSE Journal October 2017 Qatar stadium footballers

The challenge of cooling football stadiums in Qatar

A study of air conditioning in Qatar stadiums has explored the best way to achieve thermal comfort for…

September 2017 Cooling
CIBSE Journal June 2017 Chicago chiller

A Chicago thriller – chiller replacement

Replacing a district cooling system with chillers required a helicopter to lift new plant into a tiny room…

June 2017 Cooling
CIBSE Journal June 2017 evaporative cooling

Making the case for evaporative cooling

Evaporative cooling can save energy when used in the right climate. AEI’s James Falconer looks at the technology…

June 2017 Cooling
CIBSE Journal May 2017 Zig Zag Exterior

Secure connection – Zig Zag and Kings Gate development

With linked energy centres that allow the transfer of both heating and cooling, two new buildings in Victoria…

May 2017 Cooling
Klima Therm Teslamiser

Packing a punch – battery chillers

New battery technology could revolutionise the HVAC industry, says Klima-Therm’s Tim Mitchell, who explains how battery chillers that…

March 2017 Cooling
CIBSE Journal July 2016 Guide B essentials

Guide B essentials – air conditioning and refrigeration

CIBSE’s seminal guide to HVAC systems has had a major revision. Guide B covers best practice for heating,…

June 2016 Cooling
Packard Foundation Headquarters main

Packard Foundation HQ: net zero energy CIBSE award winner

The team behind the Packard Foundation HQ, which won the international project of the year accolade at CIBSE’s…

May 2016 Cooling