Podcast: How ambient loop systems can help decarbonise heat

Sponsored Podcast: Daikin's Darren Manley speaks to Alex Smith about how ambient loop systems can cut carbon when connected to…

December 2020

Best practice HVAC controls: ASHRAE Guideline 36

Building controls systems are complex and can be a major obstacle to good performance if they are not…

November 2020

Rinnai to expand and invest in dedicated London office, team and resources

Ricky Lewis is appointed regional sales manager for London west and south-western counties

November 2020

Leading light: ensuring effective use of UV technology in buildings

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation has been used for many years to mitigate the spread of measles and tuberculosis. It…

October 2020

Winter protection: version 4 of CIBSE’s Covid-19 Ventilation Guide

The cold season brings new challenges for building managers trying to minimise the Covid-19 risk while maintaining occupant…

October 2020
CIBSE Journal May 2017 Digital engineering

Instant response: HVAC deep learning

With artificial intelligence, heating and air conditioning can react in real time to occupant activity, says Paige Tien,…

October 2020

Oxford’s balancing act: city smart grid with ground source heat pumps

Oxford is building an intelligent local grid that will allow buildings’ heat pumps to be connected to a…

October 2020

Sensible approach: specification advice for fan coil (terminal) units

Selecting the wrong fan coil (terminal) units can have disastrous consequences for occupant comfort, according to SSH’s Imran…

October 2020

An insight into wastewater pumping specification

When the ergonomic layout of a commercial building places services such as office kitchens, toilets and showers away…

October 2020

Rockwool launches HVAC Systems Guide

New handbook gives specifiers up-to-date technical information and advice in one place

October 2020

Distance and dilution: Hoare Lea’s Covid-secure headquarters

Before Hoare Lea started offering advice to clients about making their offices Covid-secure it looked at how its…

October 2020

Unwanted guests: bipolar ionisation in hotel rooms

Bipolar ionisation can improve air quality and remove odours from hotel rooms, says Spire Building Services’ Adam Taylor,…

October 2020

Tall order: fire safety guidance for façades

Following the ban on the use of combustible materials in some building façades, two industry bodies have come…

October 2020

Safety with numbers: using data to make workplaces Covid-secure

Data monitoring can help identify poorly ventilated office spaces at risk from Covid-19, as well as highlight poorly…

October 2020

Understanding Hepa filters

An appropriately specified Hepa filter can be used in mechanically ventilated spaces and recirculating systems to practically remove…

August 2020